Our connections can get you bookings!

TWO POWERFUL WAYS THAT OUR CONNECTIONS CAN GET YOU BOOKINGS: 1: We have signed collaboration agreements with Wedding Planners that are willing to learn more about your company and may also consider referring their brides to you. We consistently connect &/or collaborate with Wedding & Event Planners, as well as many others in the wedding community on your behalf. We give them the opportunity to learn about and consider your company as a potential vendor for their brides and other clients. This may result in increased business for your company. 2: We have an in-house lead generation system that will allow us to submit your company for up to 20 new upcoming weddings each and every month.  That means that over the course of a year we can submit you for up to 240 upcoming weddings.  These engaged couples will then have the chance to consider booking your services. WHY YOU SHOULD WORK WITH US: Get ahead of the competition. Ask any wedding vendor and they will tell you that it takes great time, effort and expense to network and make these valuable connections. Yet, all agree that these connections are an essential component to their overall success in their wedding and event business. THERE IS A SOLUTION TO THIS CHALLENGE: You are busy enough so let us do all of the networking for you. We will put in the time and effort in making connections with these newly engaged couples and all of the very important key players in the wedding and event industry. We offer A POWERFUL PROMOTIONAL PROGRAM that consistently gives your company exposure to the wedding community at large. WHY YOU NEED US: The truth of the matter is that the average vendor is just too busy trying to run their day-to-day operations that they cannot find the time for making these connections. Other vendors may have the time but do not have the desire to network. Whatever the reason may be, all vendors are aware that they should be focusing their attention on this crucial aspect of building their business brand & of gaining industry recognition. LET US HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS: Getting your business name out there is an important & necessary part of networking. Wedding Planners and brides can only consider your company if they actually know about your company. That is where we come in. The exposure that we give to your company is the first step in being considered as a potential vendor for upcoming weddings and other events. JOIN The Bride Worldwide Preferred Vendors Club and let us get you connected!